Last updated Friday, August 17, 2018 10:00 AM

Stations Monitoring Ozone and Particulates

Santa Barbara*Good (29)Good (29)Moderate (59)
Santa Maria*Good (30)Moderate (52)Moderate (79)
Lompoc H StGood (20)Good (34)Moderate (72)
GoletaGood (33)Good (26)Moderate (57)
El CapitanGood (31)Good (32)
Las Flores CynGood (31)Good (23)
VAFBGood (37)Good (35)
CarpinteriaGood (35)
Lompoc HS and PGood (31)
NojoquiGood (24)
Paradise RdGood (31)
Santa YnezGood (30)

The higher the number, the more air pollution we are breathing. An AQI of 100 corresponds to the federal health standard for that pollutant. The AQI numbers and corresponding ratings are shown for the current hour, and are updated hourly.

Not all stations have continuous monitoring of all pollutants.

*The Santa Barbara and Santa Maria stations are run by the California Air Resources Board.